Monday, March 9, 2009

My entre into the bloggersphere

I love to write. I just never thought I had anything to write about. Today I came to the conclusion that most interesting blogs that I read are not about anything.
I look forward to sharing here.

On another topic, one of my favorite eaterys in Denton has disappointed me for the last time. Denton County Independent Hamburger has been lousy the last 2 times I've had it. Those who know me, know that I am trying to support small business during this "economic downturn". This does not include supporting a restaurant that has abandoned its core values.
I do believe that small business is the backbone of our nation's economy. There are small business owners that believe so strongly in the american dream and the freedom of business ownership that they risk their life savings to further their dreams. As a nation we should support these brave Americans. If there is a small business that has the goods and services that you need, please support them.
Wow, I got really serious there for a minute.

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