Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreary Day

We needed rain...but did it have to get cold to rain. I have on 3 layers from head to toe and I can't seem to warm up my bones. I've been going from one doctor to the next this morning. I had a followup with the urologist. The only purpose of going to the urologist 3 weeks ago was to rule out other possible causes of my various aches and pains. We did that by trying flomax for 3 weeks and by a very personal and probing physical examination. Today he said that he wanted to look at the inside of my bladder. When I asked how he would do this I already knew that I didn't want to know. It's sort of like when the guy at EZ-lube shows you your air filter and says, "you really ought to get a new one"......sorry..... nevermind... it's not at all like that. I don't think it's necessary and I don't want to know what the inside of my bladder looks like. Somethings we are not meant to know. This concludes my relationship with the urologist for now. Dr. Spivey is my oncologists. I like Dr. Spivey because he pretty much does what I ask him to do. After a recent scan, today I asked Dr. Spivey to start looking for a good surgeon with a very specific set of qualifications. He agreed. Now I have to start the process of interviewing surgeons until I find one that I like that says he can do what I want, the way I want it done, others need not apply.
We are going to the movies after I put Clays semi-weekly stipend in the bank. Clay has my heart. He is going through some very difficult relationship issues. Things that awaken old feelings and scars from my youth. He is so much better equiped to deal with these things then I ever was, but it doesn't lessen the pain, for either of us.
I have to feed the dog and get ready to go...for now.
I'm Beef and these have been my Tips...not really tips like don't stand in the rain without an umbrella, although that would be a good one...don't do it....more like tips of the iceberg that is my do icebergs fear oceanliners like oceanliners fear icebergs...I don't think so. I don't think an iceberg really fears because I don't think it has a brain...hello?
Bye for now.

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