Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello? Is this thing on?

I've not had any recent comments. No one has checked on me during my prolonged absence from Beef Tips. I may get the idea that there is no one out there.
On Friday I left very early for Houston. The Defenders had a game with the Houston Gunners on Saturday but I had to go a day early to deliver my records to MD Anderson. I have to say, that place is massive. When I finally found the Sarcoma unit, it was reassuring to see that there were over 20 Sarcoma specialist on staff. I met with the nurse and gave her my, 7 years worth of, records. She looked it all over and said she would scan and copy and download all of the data so that it could be presented to the group during their review. She said that my doctor, Dr. Trent, will present my case to the group and they will all comment and speculate before reaching a consensus. It was reassuring to know that all of those trained eyes would be reviewing my case. I left with a much lighter portfolio case and the anticipation of hearing the opinion of these renowned experts.
I went to the team hotel and found several folks to dine with. We had steak at Texas Land and Cattle. It has been a long time since I had a good steak, hmmmm.
Saturday we met at the stadium at for pregame. I had spent several hours in the hotel going over possible wrinkles and adjustments that might be needed in our blocking schemes. Everything went well as we defeated the Gunners, 39-0. The O-line performed very well. We will need to improve before we face Central Texas in 4 weeks.
I drove back late Saturday and got up early Sunday to work video at church. Sunday we had lunch with Mom and Dad and spent the rest of the day catching up on yard work and recuperating.
Monday was work and well....it was a 14 hour work day and it was Monday.
Today is my Friday but I am still very busy at work, which is why this entry is going to be brief.
You are now caught up. There are details that I glossed over but that will have to wait until next time.
I'm Beef and these are my Tips.


  1. I like your beef tips, Beef. :)
    39-0?! Ain't no line like Beef's O-line!
    Love you, Coach.

  2. Just caught up on your blog. Enjoyed reading about what's going on in your life. So sorry about all the medical mess, but SO glad you're going to MD Anderson. We look forward to hearing their perspective and/or discoveries/recommendations. Must run for now. BIG LOVE to you and yours!!