Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Class This Week

I have been in class this week. Our new officer training program that use to be called an FTO(Field Training Officer) program, is now called a PTO (Patrol Training Officer)program. The training officers and all supervisors are going through the training. I enjoy learning and this class is not totally without merit. My days are shorter but it messes with my days off.
We are in dire need of rain here in Denton. It has been cloudy and humid for the last two days and I just saw some sprinkles on my windshield. As I sit in the room where Donna is watching the news, I notice that it is impossible to hear a news story that doesn't talk about the "economic downturn". It makes me angry that the economy has become an excuse to re-engineer and grow government. We are becoming a nation of sheep. I am making a concerted effort to avoid talking or thinking about the Obama administration and the federal government. My main concern is to be as prepared as possible by reducing spending, increasing savings and buying more ammo. I want to take care of my family and their families.
This blog is a labor at this point because I really don't have a clear understanding of who might read it or what I want to say. When I have written in the past it has been motivated by a clear thought that I wanted to convey. The exercise that I am currently involved in is primarily to develope the habit of writing...even if I don't fee there is anything to say. I will continue this until I gain some cathartic benefit or lose motivation. Until tomorrow. JG

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  1. My dear Beef, developing the habit of writing is, in my humble opinion, one of the most valuable reasons that any of us blog. Also, there are far too many bloggers out there who are determined to give the impression that they have the answers to all of our nation's problems or that their voice is more valid than someone else's... Your decision to not become obsessed with opposing Obama mania is admirable. Making your focus to spend less, save more and take care of your people is heroic. Keep writing. I'll be reading.