Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frantic Life

I started the day with way more to do than I had time for. Then we had two dead body calls which took a 5 hour chunk out of my day. That sounds so callous when I say it like that. I really do model empathy in every way possible when dealing with these situations. The reality is that you can be sensitive to the survivors but you can't feel emotion on most of these calls. Oh you do on some and the ones that strike a cord are hard to predict. Bottomline, I got the things done that I could get done. I finished timesheets so everyone will get paid. Everyone went home in one piece and we got all of the bodies taken care of in a respectful way.
Now, I am frantically trying to get all my medical records in order from the last seven years; scans, reports, slides, etc. At the same time, I am gathering everything I need to coach our first game of the season against the Houston Gunners. I'm doing this because I am leaving in the morning for Houston to deliver my health history to MD Anderson tomorrow. I'm staying over and coaching on Saturday. I won't be blogging till Sunday. Goodnight and good living.
JG/ Beef

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