Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MRI today

I'm still in class, learning my part in this ballet that is patrol training. I had to take a brief break today to have an MRI. As you may know, I have a tumor in a very unusual place. The bad thing is that taking it out would cause all sorts of re-plumbing that I am opposed to. The good thing is that the unusual place caused us to become aware of it before it got so large that it metastasized all over my body. So...I take this cutting edge(it was when I started taking it 7 years ago) targeted oral therapy that shrunk the tumor and has maintained it in a relatively stable way for all this time. The bad thing is that it is still there and has to be monitored with quarterly CTs or MRIs. The good thing is that I have a place to check and know whether it is bigger or stable 4 times a year. The bad thing is that 4 times a year I fear the worst. Anyway...I had the MRI today which means 2 and 1/2 hours of laying on a hard table under a giant slab of a machine with barely enough room to breath while it takes 3D pics of all my most personal spots. I will know tomorrow if I am good for 3 more months or if it is time to contemplate another strategy. Gotta love the drama of it.
Donna is going out with the girls from her old office. I hope she continues to do this. I think the relationships are the most important part about work. I mean you spend a lot of time with those people. No reason to lose the friendships for some economic downturn.
I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat, waiting for tomorrow's post.

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