Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tired of the Cold

I don't recall ever being so ready for a new season. As a youngster every season held it's own excitement and wonder. During the fall there was always football practice and school. The winter held holidays and the frequent, weather related, no school. Spring was anticipation of school being out and nice weather. Summer...well...summer was freedom. Later as a parent I experienced all of these feelings vicariously through our children. With the exception of the snow day...not so much here in Texas. It was all fun and something was always going on. Now that we have an empty nest, most of my recreation revolves around golf. I rarely let the weather stop me from getting in two or three rounds a week but sometimes it's just a beating. When it's cold and wet and windy and every well hit shot deposits that little speck of mud into your's just not fun. Also, when the conditions are their worst, I'm usually playing alone, because really..who else would be playing golf in that kind of weather? I have had enough unplayable days this winter to re-grip three sets of irons and replace the spikes in 2 pairs of golf shoes. I can't tell you how many times I've cleaned clubs and re-organized the golf bag. So this year I am very ready for spring. Playing in short sleeves, hitting drives that chase down the fairway instead of plugging, playing in foursomes, it all sounds so far away when it is February 4th. I know that I have fewer winters in front of me than behind. I know that everyday is a gift to be cherished. So I will enjoy these days in front of the fireplace and be thankful for the occasional sunny day. I know that spring is coming and this year I get to meet my new grand-daughter. I have to keep my game in shape because I know that in a few short years, she will be out driving me.'s bedtime. I will dream of bright green fairways and brilliant white golf balls engulfed in the laughter and giggles of a little girl named Laila and the emotions will warm my cold bones. I'm Beef and these are my tips.

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