Saturday, March 20, 2010

Process over Product

I recently read a golf book that stressed the importance of focusing on the process and not the outcome. Golf is so mental and so difficult that even the greatest golfers in the world don’t make every shot the way they intend. The author stressed looking at the process as the success that we need to feel confident about our abilities. Now, I try to focus on the process. I look at the lie of the ball, lay of the land, game management, wind and distance. I determine what type of shot I want to play and with what club. I visualize the shot,, tracing the path of the ball in red in my mind. I then try to make a smooth, pretty swing. If I do all of those things correctly, I’m happy with my shot. Where the ball goes is not important. This makes my game enjoyable and usually successful. Remember golf is life.
This epiphany caused me to start thinking when I heard a political pundit use the phrase, “the end justifies the means”. The reality is that the means is the most important thing. After all, weren’t we always taught, “it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game”. Now don’t get me wrong, winning is important. If it doesn’t matter who wins, don’t keep score. Losing should hurt. But where is the joy in winning if you don’t follow the rules or play with honor. There is no greatness in that.
I once shocked my lovely wife by saying there are worse things than dying. As Christians we know that death, while it is painful for those we leave behind, is not something to fear. Living without honor is tragic. Being alive but not living is tragic.
Everyday we have to get up and look at the shot before us. Take everything into account and swing with gusto. Then lay your head on your pillow at night with no fear and no regrets.
I'm Beef and these are my tips.

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