Friday, April 3, 2009

Feeling A Little Radical This Morning

While at work yesterday, I listened off and on to various reports about the G20 meeting in London. I listened throughout the day without really giving it much serious reflection. It was a busy day at work and I was the only Sergeant so I didn't have much time to speculate on world events. I mostly heard reports on the many gaffs. I was irritated by the fact that Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah. Then there was the deal where Michele Obama instigated contact with the Queen. Oh, and they gave the Queen an Ipod that was loaded with various music and video, including several of Obama's speeches. I know that I am old and may be the only one that remembers these movies, but does anyone else remember Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town? Maybe it's on YouTube for you young whipper snappers. Anyway, that movie just jumped in my head when I kept hearing about all the protocol challenges.
On a more serious note, I do recall that late in the afternoon, Sean Hannity, made a comment that he had always thought the conspiracy theorist and doomsday crowd were off their rocker when they referred to Obama as the anti-Christ. For a moment Hannity was solemn and sort of quiet when he said that biblically, it is hard to argue with that idea.
I am asking myself on a regular basis, what can I do to stop the systematic deconstruction of the constitution and the basic principles that our country was founded on. I think the very least we can all do is to reread the constitution. If that really gets you going try reading the Federalist Papers. It may take a little while. They are actually 85 essays written by various authors. Any amount of reading will help you understand the principles and will add context and texture to your understanding. You can access all these documents at .
From a law enforcement perspective, I figure that if I am frustrated and wanting to take action other, more militant, citizens are probably feeling the same way. I try to daily prepare my shift for the possibility that we will be stuck in the middle of domestic, political unrest which may border on revolution. I know what you are thinking, but in Law Enforcement we have to think about all the "what ifs" because we will be out there dealing with them until someone comes up with a "plan".
I am trying to take a big picture look at this. I look at the Carter years when we had gas lines and the Iranian hostage crisis. I look at the LBJ years when we had the Vietnam war and the associated civil unrest from protesters. I really don't see a time in recent history when there has been so much at risk. At the moment, one of the things that I intend to do is to attend the local Tax Day Tea Party. I encourage you to find the one near you and attend also.
Donna is fixing breakfast and I have lost focus again. More later.
Beef/ JG


  1. Daddy, I am so challenged by this blog and am going to, right this minute, print out some good reading material from I am so glad that you are thiking of the "what-ifs" and doing your best to prepare your team for whatever storms may come. I know where me and mine will be headed in case of emergency: your jurisdiction, sir. :) I love you.

  2. Oh, and this tax day tea party thing... Headed there now to learn more. Thanks, Daddy.